This is creative (self & community) care.

This is a space for us to gather, pause, bend, fold (and unfold), meander, linger, wander, bumble, flail... be curious, be creative... together, IN community.

A space where we can get to know each other, share stories and experiences.
Where we can have conversations about ALL of the things.
And where we can support those conversations …reflections, insights, challenges… with creative care practices …like art!

This is a neurodiversity-affirming space …where we can all show up as we are… with all of our differences/divergences… no judgements, no expectations, no policing. This is a space for us to get curious about building (and maintaining) creative care practices, and community… with/in kindness, generosity, and creativity. 


This community space is for folks identifying as women, and/or queer, non-binary, gender-fluid, genderqueer.

I don't make this decision lightly, or without a lot of thought. AND... in this moment, in this world, with all that is whirling around and IN us ...we need pockets of reprieve. This is a wee pocket of reprieve, from SOME of the (often invisible) patriarchal care-taking.

Thanks for showing up. I'm glad you're here!

And, WELCOME to our brilliantly warm, generous, curious, playful, and creative gaggle of delightful folks.

About Shauna

Art therapist and artist... neurodivergent, queer, post-menopausal, swearing, laughing, bumbling, creative curiosity advocate.

I'm VERY invested in building and being a part of creative community care... and finding DIFFERENT ways to understand (and support ourselves in) our lived experiences. I work with folks in a few different ways... private therapy (art therapy & Brainspotting), ongoing workshops & support groups, and now with this community platform (aka my dream project).

I am located in Victoria BC, on the glorious ancestral lands of the Lekwungen - Songhees, Esquimalt & Wsanec peoples.


  • NEW: Free monthly workshops (offered twice each month, to accommodate for different schedules/times zones). 
  • Bilateral Drawing Club
  • Regular coWorking (coFocus, coCare, body-doubling) sessions
  • Creative Practice and Chat & Stitch sessions (art-making)
  • Resource Library & Sharing (art materials, books, podcasts, articles, favourite what-have-you's)
  • Collaborative Mail-Art Projects
  • Art prompts
  • Community Sharing & Chats (rooms with different themes/topics): spaces to ask questions, share resources, post photos...
  • LOTS of zoom sessions and opportunities to connect with other folks - for art making, conversation /company, accountability, inspiration… we usually have several options and offerings each day.
  • Down the road: special events, collaborations, visiting artists...
  • Neurodiversity-affirming space (and Neurodivergent specific resources).
  • Opportunities to explore hosting your own workshops/sessions/meetings within the community.
  • Access to free/paid community member offerings (most events are free, some are pay workshops).
  • 20% discount on all HEY SHAUNA Workshops & Groups that are offered publicly.
  • Discounts on workshops/offerings from other ohHEY community members (sliding scale, promo codes).

Any questions, ask them! 

Membership options

If the membership options below are outside of your budget, please contact me to chat about a reduced cost plan for you's important to me that this platform be accessible to anyone wanting to be a part of it!